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Business is taking off at BNI Sac Metro

February 29, 2012

Business Network InternationalThe Sac Metro chapter of BNI, the world’s largest business referral organization, opened in Sacramento, California Tuesday, February 28th.

Regular meetings are held at 11:30am to 1:00 pm on Tuesdays at:
Malabar Café
2960 Del Paso Road
Sacramento, CA, 95834
The meeting is open to all business people who want to get their businesses off the ground using word of mouth marketing techniques.

The chapter members are growing their business with referrals arriving daily.  With over 12 visitors at the meeting today, this chapter will soon be flying high in the Sacramento Area. You are invited to fly with us! Just call us to get your boarding pass, and without the TSA security lines.

BNI has chapters throughout the United States and nearly 50 other countries. A chapter provides professionals in a variety of occupations a weekly opportunity to meet with each other and pass qualified referrals. At each meeting, members briefly introduce their businesses and share the types of referrals they would like to receive. Because only one person from each business category is allowed in each chapter, a person can “lock out” competitors by quickly joining a new BNI chapter.

The BNI Sac Metro Chapter currently has first class seats available for many businesses. Business people interested in finding out more about BNI or visiting a chapter may contact BNI Central Valley office at (916) 489-9302 or send email to

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