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June 7, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation…..

Written on by Brian Bentzen  guest blogger


 The temperature is rising and so are your networking opportunities!
Every once in a while I hear a BNI member say that their chapter slows down during the summer months. I also know of many chapters that flourish in the
summer with new members and referral growth! So why are some up and some down?
It is a matter of gearing towards the season.

Winter coats sell better in December than July and bathing suits sell better in June than January! So have you changed your networking season?
Have you re-tooled your networking machinery?

What summertime networking activities are you attending?

… Bar Be Que?

… Pool Party?

… Picnic?

… Golf… Boating… Tennis… Gardening?

Pool Party Networking! Remember that a good networker has two ears and one mouth and uses them proportionately! Listen to what everyone is really saying.

Are they complaining about business?… Invite them to your BNI chapter.

Are they excited about a wedding?… Who in your chapter will that be a good referral for?

Do you have a frozen drink in your hand… Talk about your HVAC member!

Do they need work on their home or need a new home? It’s Referral time!

Are you talking about the stock market and your BNI financial planner? Referral Anyone?

Ball Game Networking!    

A great networking strategy is to get tickets to a ball game and invite a BNI member and a potential referral. Whether your team wins or loses great
connections can be made!

The FOUR hour one to one!

If you are a golfer, you know what I mean! Find a fellow BNI Member who also plays golf.  Set up a round and you each bring a client. What a great way to solidify a top referral!

You do not play golf? Is there an activity that you do that you and a fellow member can invite clients too?

 Any place you go with family, friends or strangers is a networking opportunity!

… Bring Your Business Cards!

… Remember Your Fellow Members

 The GOAL?

…One Referral Per Event You Attend!

… Who have you met that you can invite to your chapter!

Here’s to a GREAT summer filled with lots of referrals!  Make sure you let us know of any of your own great Summertime Referral stories!

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